House of Not: combines storytelling and music to create a compelling five part Rock Odyssey. So what's the story? Nexter is 18, feeling a little brainwashed, a little heartbroken and a bit downtrodden. The forces from above, (boss? parents? the Man? the System?) are pushing down hard. What's a guy to do but...Take The Trip. "The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode" is a rock odyssey about that trip. Is there a woman? Yes. Is there a vicious, powerful oppressor standing in the way? Definitely! He's called Schadenfreude, and he is virtually in the news everyday (one dude or another, interchangeable really). So if you feel like taking the trip, join the #Wayfarer Nexter and his lovely muse Silk, in their journey to the House of Not.

Brian Erikson

House of Not was formed in 2002, to record and perform "The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode." The House of Not project is written and created by Brian Erikson (Vocals, Keyboards & Orchestration) and Produced, Mixed & Guitars by Ken O'Gorman with supporting guitars from Lou Roppoli and Eric Stever along with numerous other gracious contributors including Dee Brown and Omar Ales. Part III of this opus was released July 15, 2012 entitled "On the Madness of Crowds." Best listened to as a story...where each song contributes to the journey, and each album contributes to the overall five album odyssey.